Monday, August 29, 2011


A memorial service was held in Worcestershire, England, on Sunday (August 28) for a British couple, Mathilde and Roger Lamb, 43 and 47, respectively, who had been holidaying in Morocco with their four children, ages nine through 16.

Mathilde Lamb died in a Moroccan hospital on August 20 three days after falling from a third-floor apartment in the tourist town of Essaouira, where she was staying with her husband and four sons. A day later, Roger Lamb died after a fall from a second-floor balcony at the Essaouira Sofitel Hotel, a nearby hotel where he had moved with his sons after Mathilde had died. Local police have indicated that they are treating Mr. Lamb's death as a suicide.

COMMENT: Mr. Lamb, an engineer, had been based in New Zealand for almost 12 months, where he was working on a project to help rebuild earthquake-shattered Christchurch. He had reunited with his wife and sons in Morocco and it is believed the couple were considering moving the whole family to New Zealand.

Police in both the UK and Morocco are reportedly treating Mrs. Lamb's death as suspicious after press reports indicated that there was a heated argument between the couple moments before Mrs. Lamb fell. Further, the owner of the apartment has refuted the idea that the fall was attributable to an accident.

The couple's sons have been flown back to the UK so that they can be cared for by family members.

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