Sunday, August 28, 2011


As a follow-up to my August 27 posting ("Update: Arrest Made in Murder of New Zealand Croquet Executive in Pattaya"), the suspect in Charles Jones' murder, Mohamad Shanar Ryad, 22, has reportedly told police in Pattaya that he met Jones on August 19, in South Pattaya, and that Jones later invited him [Ryad] to his apartment to smoke marijuana and also paid Ryad 400 baht (US$13) for oral sex.

Ryad claimed that on Monday night (August 23), Jones again invited Ryad to his Pattaya apartment, but that the two men got into a serious argument, at which point Ryad used a pocket knife to stab Jones nearly 20 times. As has been pointed out previously, when Ryad was arrested by police, he possessed over US$40,000 in cash, as well as Jones' mobile phone and laptop.

COMMENT: Stuart Yeatman, a New Zealander who is also from Christchurch, was in Pattaya at the time of Jones' murder and has been the main point of contact for Jones' family. Yeatman and Jones reportedly met several years ago in Thailand and have remained close friends.

It should be noted that regardless of one's sexual orientation, casual sex with strangers constitutes high-risk activity that can often result in serious injury and/or death. If travelers choose to engage in such conduct, they should do so in relatively safe places selected by the traveler, where their welfare, money, valuables and possessions will not be at risk. Assuredly, safe sex practices should be adhered to, given Thailand's notorious reputation for contracting sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) and HIV/AIDS.

Jones was unmarried and 56 at the time of his death. Although he obviously had a distinguished career in international croquet, including being a recipient of the Queen's Service Medal for his contributions to the sport, his unfortunate death may well have been victim-precipitated.

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