Wednesday, September 7, 2011


American citizen Brittany Nicole Keele, 23, who had moved to Germany in June from Houston to study abroad has reportedly been murdered in Hamburg, the victim of an apparent ritual killing. She was found in a hotel room and apparently had been stabbed over 30 times, dismembered her body and left behind the murder weapon.

COMMENT: German police believe Keele's killer is a 27-year-old student tourist from Greece who attempted to jump to his death from a Hamburg airport staircase. Ms. Keele's hotel key and a woman's purse were found with him. The evidence led police to the hotel where they found Keele's remains. Ms. Keele's family flew to Hamburg to identify her body. Investigators are still trying to determine how Keele knew her alleged attacker and the motive for the crime. The suspect remains hospitalized with serious injuries.

I continue to be troubled by the large number of young adults who study abroad during their college years without the necessary training and security awareness orientation in how to survive in an increasingly perilous and unpredictable world.

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