Thursday, September 15, 2011

Australian Tourist Stabs, Kills Wife in Tel Aviv Hotel Room

The Tel Aviv District Attorney's Office filed on Tuesday (September 13) an indictment against John Paul Sebastian, an Australian tourist suspected of stabbing his wife to death in a Tel Aviv hotel last month. According to the indictment, Sebastian deliberately murdered his wife, Josephine, in their Dan Panorama hotel room after he claimed she refused to revoke a power of attorney he granted to her.

COMMENT: Sebastian has also been remanded into custody until the trial has been completed. For those of you who read most of my blogs, please review my blog of August 29 ("British Parents of 4 Die in Separate Falls in Morocco") which involved the husband of a wife traveling in Morocco with their children who allegedly pushed his wife from a hotel window, killing her, only days later to allegedly jump from a hotel window, resulting in his death, leaving the children as orphans.

It is regretful that couples and families in crisis cannot be a bit more logical and stay at home to address differences, rather than travel abroad to make bad choices that are often irreversible, often in a higher-stressed environment. Then again, most people in crisis are rarely logical.

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