Thursday, September 29, 2011

British Expat Loses Legs in Capetown Shark Attack

British expat Michael Cohen, 42, lost his right leg and part of his left, in a Great White shark attack in Cape Town, South Africa, after ignoring a shark spotting flag warning on the beach. Spotters had sighted three sharks 90 minutes before the beach was closed and on preceding days. When the flag was raised and the beach closed, Cohen foolishly entered the water and began swimming.

COMMENT: Quick thinking on the part of first responders resulted in their being able to fashion a makeshift tourniquet made of a wetsuit which was fastened around Cohen's right leg, which according to an ER surgeon, saved the Briton's life.

Presumably, he may have had some sort of a death-wish because he often ignored shark alerts and the warnings of shark spotters. This is the third recent shark attack. Ian Redmond was killed by a shark in the Seychelles in August, and a body boarder died in Australia earlier this month after a shark bit off his legs.

Cohen was about 50 yards from the shore when he was attacked at lunchtime on Wednesday (September 28). Little did he know that he would be on the menu.

A part-time accountant who lives in Cape Town, Cohen was dragged from the water by friends who were with him at the city’s Fish Hoek beach.

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