Friday, September 30, 2011

Committed Spanish Paramedics Deliver Baby From Dead Mother

It has often been said that as one of us is dying, another is coming into the world. We understand this intellectually, but emotionally it is hard to fathom. Yet, yesterday evening (September 30) an unidentified man, 34, walked into the Santa Maria del Pinar Church in northern Madrid and without any emotion or comment, shot and killed a pregnant mother, 36, and then turned his weapon on another woman, 52, who he shot in the chest. Then, without hesitation, he turned the pistol on himself and committed suicide.

COMMENT: The assailant apparently had no connection to his victims and had no motive other than wanting to end lives. What he did not know, though, is the commitment to life shared by the paramedics who responded to the church. Realizing that they could not save the mother, the quick-thinking professionals conducted an emergency
caesarean operation then and there and rushed the newborn and the women shot in the chest to Hospital de La Paz.

At the request of the family, a hospital spokeswoman could only say that she could not provide an update on the baby's condition. When the paramedics delivered the child, he was in cardiac arrest, but the first responders were able to bring him back to life. We can only hope and pray that the child survives. It will be a number of days before the hospital staff will know whether the child has any irreversible brain damage.

The other injured woman was taken to the same hospital and has been stabilized and is out of danger. Bizarre realities of life such as this remind us just how precious and tentative life is and how we must be prepared for every foreseeable AND unforeseeable event.

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