Friday, September 30, 2011

Croatian Tourist, 60, Abducted, Robbed of US$800, Released

Early on September 30, Croatian tourist Ante Kritic, 60, was suddenly stopped by gunmen on the streets of Manila, handcuffed and pushed into a car where he was directed to give up all the money he had, which was US$800. Subsequently, he was released and contacted local police to report what had happened to him.

COMMENT: As I've said in previous postings, violent crime on the streets of Manila are not uncommon occurrences. First of all, I suggest that visitors to the Philippines never carry more than US$75 on them; this will usually satisfy the demands of most criminals. Travelers should also carry a debit card with a low balance (e.g., less than US$500) so that they can satisfy the needs of criminals if they're abducted off the street as Kritic was. Finally, always obtain a copy of a written police report in the hope that the loss can be mitigated through an insurance claim back home. Finally, it is also possible for victims of crimes in the Philippines to make a monetary claim under the country's victim compensation program (

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