Monday, September 19, 2011

Egypt Bans Export of Palm Fronds to Israel for Festival

I'm hoping that our readers have been keeping abreast of continuing bad behavior on the part of post-Mubarak Egypt, influenced heavily by the Muslim Brotherhood. One more example of this shift is Egypt's announcement that it has banned the export of palm fronds to Israel and Jewish communities abroad. The fronds are used in prayer services during the upcoming Succoth festival.

COMMENT: Up until now, Egypt in the past has supplied Israel with some 700,000 of the fronds each year. Egypt gave Israel no explanation for its actions, only that the fronds would not be shipped.

Israel's relations with Egypt have deteriorated since a popular uprising ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in February. Earlier this month, an Egyptian mob stormed the Israeli Embassy in Cairo and forced Israeli diplomats to be evacuated.

As my postings on Egypt have indicated, not only is tourism from abroad declining in Egypt, but tourists should be mindful that new restrictions on the behavior of foreign tourists are also expected. These changes will be articulated and updated at this site as developments occur.

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