Wednesday, September 7, 2011


A German tourist, Wolderman Rafflke, is in critical condition at a Mombasa (Kenya) hospital after thugs attacked him, his wife and a British friend at the Sunrise Cottages ( in Diani on September 6. A gang of at least 15 men cut through a fence leading to the cottages, before ordering Rafflke and his wife to surrender all their valuables.

When the tourists resisted, members of the gang shot Rafflke in the stomach with arrows. After he was neutralized, the intruders stole the German tourist's watch, a laptop and Sh15,000 (US$158.00) in cash. The intruders brook into the resort about 0500 in the morning. Rafflke’s wife and the Briton sustained slight bruises; a security guard who was guarding the cottages was also shot in the right leg by an arrow and was treated and discharged.

COMMENT: There are beautiful accommodations for tourists throughout the world, with many of them well-known, popular and well-reviewed. That being said, that doesn't mean that they're all safe. What may be safe to a local, may not be safe to foreign tourists, who bring with them valuables and money.

As anyone who has read my blog for any period of time knows, foreign tourists are regularly victimized throughout the world in out-of-the-way places, often because their personal security is something they rarely think about. Unfortunately, to survive in today's world, security awareness is a must, particularly abroad, where travelers are not aware of local threats or cognizant of how vulnerable they are in accommodations that have inadequate physical security. This is particularly true in rural areas where travelers are really on their own.

Readers by now are well aware that where economic crime is concerned, I strongly discourage resisting a crime over property, as it often puts into play results that are irreversible. No property is worth our life.

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