Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fifth Suspect Arrested in Armed Carjacking, Murder in London

A fifth suspect, 18, has been arrested by London's Metropolitan Police in the carjacking murder of Harjinder Singh Bhurji, 32. Bhurji was sitting in his Mercedes CLK coupe talking to a girlfriend when a lone suspect demanded Bhurji's car keys. Regrettably, the victim refused and died in a pool of blood in Ilford, East London.

COMMENT: I really hate to see people die unnecessarily. As I've often mentioned, NO property is ever worth your life.

It should also be noted that Bhurji was sitting in the car with with the car doors unlocked. Considering it was late at night (0100), at a minimum, the doors should have been locked. The time of night, coupled with the doors being unlocked, placed Bhurji and his friend in a very high-risk environment.

Bhurji, who also resides in Ilford, initially attempted to hide the car keys under his seat but the assailant threatened to harm his girlfriend if he did not hand over the keys.

The victim also made another bad and irreversible choice when after giving the carjacker the keys, he went back to the car in a final effort to retrieve the keys, at which point he was fatally stabbed.

The car, registration number R4 JXW, was found abandoned in Forest Glade, Chingford, East London, at 0245.

For frequent travelers to the UK, please know that armed carjackings can and do occur with regularity, depending on the city or town, time of day and security vulnerabilities.

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