Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hiking Guide, Japanese Tourist Treed by Aggressive Grizzly in Alberta

Parks Canada officials said that they were forced to kill a 350-pound grizzly bear that treed two hikers (a guide and a Japanese tourist) in Alberta earlier in the week because its behavior was becoming increasingly aggressive. The bear has been wearing a radio-tracking collar for more than three years and was identified as Bear No. 8. Parks officials decided Wednesday (September 28) to locate and kill the 6-year-old animal, two days after it chased the two men up a tree and climbed after them in Banff National Park.

COMMENT: After two hours, the bear meandered away and park officials got the two men to safety. A human-wildlife conflict specialist for the federal parks agency said the decision to kill the male bear was sad and was made reluctantly. The bear had a history of charging runners and cyclists, roaming through populated areas and once climbing onto a Canadian Pacific rail car and threatening workers who approached. Officials said it was the first ordered killing of a grizzly bear in Canada's national parks since 1995.

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