Monday, September 26, 2011

Traveler Alert: Typhoon Bearing Down on Manila

Many schools, offices and businesses are currently bracing for the arrival of heavy rains and winds compliments of fast-moving Typhoon Nesat in Manila. Additionally, many flights have also been canceled at Manila's international airport. Forecasters say Nesat will make landfall in eastern Aurora province in the next 24 hours and cross Luzon Island north of Manila with winds of up to 133 miles (215 kilometers) per hour.

COMMENT: Even before the arrival of Nesat, heavy downpours and wind on Monday forced flights to be canceled and most schools to be shut down. The Coast Guard also grounded inter-island ferries, stranding hundreds of travelers. Travelers are urged to defer travel to the capital until at least Wednesday (September 28), although it is suggested that broadcast stations and the Internet be monitored to ensure that the Philippines have returned to normal before proceeding to Manila. Local residents are urged to remain home if at all possible until after the typhoon has passed.

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