Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Traveler's Alert: Impending Typhoon Scheduled to Make Landfall in Central Japan on 9/21

Japan's Meteorological Agency has warned that heavy rains brought on by Typhoon Roke may trigger landslides and floods. Hence, more than 460,000 households have been ordered to evacuate in Nagoya city, Aichi Prefecture, where it is feared nearby rivers may burst their banks. The storm is packing winds of 144km/h (90mph) and is expected to strengthen.

COMMENT: Television footage depicts Nagoya residents wading through water up to their knees. Evacuation advisories have also been issued in neighbouring Gifu and Hyogo prefectures. In the southern Kyushu prefecture of Miyazaki, nearly 400mm (16in) of rain fell on Tuesday. Typhoon Roke is expected to make landfall in central Japan on Wednesday (September 21) and move northeast, possibly towards the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant. Earlier this month, Typhoon Talas ripped through western Japan, leaving about 90 people dead or missing.

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