Monday, September 26, 2011

Traveler's Alert: Suggest That Optional Travel to Manila Be Deferred

As a follow-up to my earlier posting on Typhoon Nesat's arrival in the Philippines, massive flooding hit Manila early on Tuesday (September 27) as winds and rains isolated the historic old city where residents waded in waist-deep water. Wind gusts reached up to 106 miles (170 kilometers) per hour. In Metro Manila, cars and buses were bogged down and residents waded through deep water as waves as six-lane highways were transformed into rivers. In other parts of Manila, both Quezon City and the financial district of Makati faced knee-deep water.

COMMENT: With its immense 400-mile (650-kilometer) cloud mass, Nesat threatened most of Luzon. It is expected that the typhoon will move off to the South China Sea late on Wednesday (September 28) or early Thursday (September 29).

Most government offices, schools and universities in the capital were closed while scores of domestic flights were canceled and inter-island ferries grounded. The Philippine Stock Exchange and most embassies were also closed on Tuesday. Electrical power was also interrupted in many parts of Luzon, including in Manila, where hospitals, hotels and emergency services used stand-by generators. Nesat is the 16th typhoon to lash the Philippines this year.

It is suggested that international travelers destined for the Philippines defer optional travel to Luzon until Friday (September 30).

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