Monday, September 26, 2011

Update: Chile Continuing to Have Outages

The massive blackout that Chile suffered on Saturday (September 24) affected over half of the country's 17 million residents, yet the blackouts have continued with the port city of Valparaiso being severely effected on Sunday (September 25) and today much of northern Chile also lost power. As a result, energy minister Rodrigo Alvarez pressed for new enhancements for the country's electrical grid, although admittedly that takes time.

COMMENT: What is known, though, is that the country's grids are not well integrated and are in need of major upgrading, particularly insofar as cross-grid redundancy is concerned. Alvarez also said that the companies responsible will be fined.

The apparent inadequacies of the country's electrical infrastructure may well stimulate large companies to rely more heavily on industrial-level emergency generators and for consumers to consider purchasing residential portable generators to support lights and cooking requirements.

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