Monday, September 19, 2011

Update: Kenyan Charged in the Murder, Kidnapping of British Couple

Kenyan national Ali Babitu Kololo was charged with robbery with violence and kidnapping with intention to murder at a magistrate's court in the northern coastal town of Lamu earlier today (September 19). Robbery with violence is a capital crime in Kenya.

The defendant is accused of complicity in the September 11 shooting death of British publishing executive David Tebbutt, 58, and the kidnapping of his deaf wife, Judith, 56, who Somalian pirates confirm that they are holding her. The couple was confronted by unidentified gunmen in their hut at the Kiwayu Safari Village when David Tebbutt was shot and killed for resisting their efforts, while Mrs. Tebbutt was kidnapped and taken to Somalia by boat.

COMMENT: Kololo pleaded not guilty to the charges. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for October 4. Kenyan police believe Kololo may have been in working with the assailants at Kiwayu, a luxury 18-cottage resort in a marine reserve that has a chain of islands and coral reefs. To date, no ransom demand has as yet been made.

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