Monday, September 12, 2011


A Kenyan police spokesman said today (September 12) that the country's military has joined in a extensive search for a British widow who was kidnapped after her husband was shot dead and killed as they vacationed on Kiwayu Island, which is very close to the Kenyan-Somalian border.

COMMENT: Six gunmen shot and killed her husband when he resisted then carried her off in a boat from the couple's cottage. The identities and nationalities of the assailants are unknown. There also are no viable leads as to the woman's whereabouts, although it is reasonable to assume that she has been taken to Somalia where apprehension is unlikely until the abductors make a demand for ransom.

It is also entirely possible that it was the intention of the gunmen to kidnap the couple; however, the husband's resistance resulted in his death, leaving one kidnap victim. It should also be noted that the British couple were the only people inhabiting the complex of luxurious cottages. Security obviously was non-existent.

The British Foreign Office has had a standing travel warning for Britishers to avoid traveling close to the Somalian border

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