Monday, September 26, 2011

Update: Pakistanis Meet with China's Public Security Minister

As reported previously, China’s Public Security Minister Meng Jianzhu met with his Pakistani counterpart, Interior Minister Rehman Malik today (September 26). Although US-Pakistani relations have never been worse since the events of 9/11, Pakistan hosted China’s top security official and staged war games with Saudi Arabia, strengthening ties with two regional players as its relationship with the US deteriorates over allegations that Islamabad supports insurgents in Afghanistan.

COMMENT: It appears that Pakistan and the US are both risking the greater good by seemingly going out of their way to annoy each other. This new overture with China may well be a partnering strategy in the event the US begins to sanction Pakistan for its unwillingness to take action against the Haqqani militant group operating inside of Pakistan, which recently attacked the US Embassy in Kabul and separately wounded 77 US soldiers in a truck bomb earlier this month.

It should also be noted that Beijing provides Pakistan with aid and direct foreign investment, while Pakistan offers Beijing important diplomatic backing in the face of Muslim-majority nations who might be helpful to China. China and Pakistan have both had good ties for some time, in part because of their mutual distrust of India, which stems from both countries having exchanged military hostilities with India in the past.

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