Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Update: Second Suspect Charged in Murder, Kidnapping of British Couple

On Wednesday (September 21) a second suspect in the murder/kidnapping of David and Judith Tebbutt, 58 and 56, respectively, denied that he was involved in the attack that left tourist David Tebbutt dead and his wife Judith kidnapped. Judith Tebbutt, deaf and ill from the ordeal, is now being held in Somalia by pirates. The couple was attacked in their hut at an upscale beach resort near the Somalian border on September 11.

COMMENT: Ali Babitu Kololo, the first suspect to be charged with involvement in the attack on the couple, told a court on Monday (September 19) that the armed men forced him at gunpoint to cooperate. He said he voluntarily went to the police the next day to report the crime. Mrs. Tebbutt is reportedly suffering from depression, fatigue and fever.

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