Monday, October 31, 2011

American Ingenuity Goes Too Far

As we all know, healthy competition is what drives entrepreneurship, but two managers of a Domino's Pizza franchise in Lake City, FL, seemed to have crossed the line on October 20 when they took capturing market share to a whole new level--by burning down and gutting a rival Papa John's pizza franchise in the same city.

COMMENT: The two managers, both in their early 20s, convinced themselves that with Papa John's out of the picture, their monthly revenues would soar. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way they forgot that arson is a serious felony with real prison time the likely outcome. They are both being held pending prosecution.

Although in some ways the US is becoming more and more like a banana republic every day, lengthy prison time for these two misguided youths hopefully will convince them that EVERYONE needs boundaries, even arsonists.

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