Saturday, October 29, 2011

Assailant Kills Three and Injures Two Others in Bizarre Stabbing Rampage in Valencia

Late on Friday night (October 28), a seemingly unsettled man in Valencia [Spain] walked out of his upper floor apartment, walked downstairs and knocked on the apartment doors of other residents and stabbed them as several opened their doors, killing three and injuring two others.

The occupants of one apartment opened the door and the unnamed suspect stabbed and killed a man aged 50 and his 13-year-old son. He also seriously injured the man's 48-year-old wife. Elsewhere in the building, the assailant stabbed a 77-year-old woman to death and seriously injured another resident, age 44.

COMMENT: Thankfully, the man has been arrested by police, but it is unknown as to what his motive was.

None of us ever seem to know when or where a physical crisis is going to confront us, yet it is prudent and reasonable for all of us to always be vigilant and prepared for a life-threatening event. At a minimum, when it comes to being safe and secure in our homes, where we generally feel the safest, caution is still necessary.

Although the security features we have in our homes will vary from country to country, at a minimum, the entry doors into our homes, whether they be single-family homes, apartments, flats, condos or even gated communities, should have an optical view [aka peephole) which permits us to see who it is that is knocking on our door before opening the door to them. Additionally, these same entry doors should have a deadbolt lock on the door so it cannot be easily pushed or kicked open.

The above case closely resembles a posting I made back on September 30, when an unidentified man, 34, walked into the Santa Maria del Pinar Church in northern Madrid and without any emotion or comment, shot and killed a pregnant mother, 36, and then turned his weapon on another woman, 52, who he shot in the chest. Then, without hesitation, he turned the pistol on himself and committed suicide.

Clearly, we are living in a perilous, uncertain world and must always be prepared to safeguard ourselves and our families.

I should mention that I give crime prevention lectures all over the world and would be happy to help communities and organizations that are confronting violence in their lives.

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