Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bags on London Underground Will NOT Be Screened During UK Summer Games

Strangely, information has been released to the global media that the London Underground, also known locally as the Tube, which is outdated and over-used, will not screen luggage and bags carried by Tube passengers during the Olympics next year, on the basis that it would further delay the time necessary for commuters to get from one place to another.

Peter Hendy, the commissioner for Transport for London, told AP that while authorities will take advice from the police, bag checks are not envisioned. "It's almost giving in to terrorism," he was quoted as saying. Hendy made the comments during an interview outlining plans to manage the huge increase in traffic expected on subways, trains and buses during the Games, which will occur during July 27-August 12. Instead, bag checks are expected to take place at venues hosting the competitions.

COMMENT: Hendy did intimate that surveillance cameras would be replied upon, it should be noted that surveillance cameras were being used on the Underground on July 7, 2005, when four suicide bombers wearing backpack-bombs and trained in Pakistan killed 52 commuters, and injured 700 others. One of the bombers also detonated his bomb on a London double-decker bus. The four bombers, who had lived in the UK for most of their lives and were of Pakistani descent, also perished in the attacks.

Now, the interesting question: Why would the British transportation commissioner tell the world, including terrorist groups who might be planning an attack during the Olympics, that bags carried by commuters will not be screened before they get onto the Tube? It would have been a far better strategy to say NOTHING, rather than willingly giving terrorists valuable information. Why make it easy for them? What were they thinking?

I continue to be puzzled as to why both US and UK government agencies feel compelled to provide the media so much crucial intelligence about what they are doing as it relates to protecting the public from terrorists.

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