Thursday, October 20, 2011

British Government Suspends Services at Its Embassy in Kuwait

The British Foreign Office in London announced today (October 20) that a terrorist threat has forced it to suspend normal services at its embassy in Kuwait. A spokesperson said the action was precautionary. It said it cannot rule out a threat against other British interests in Kuwait and has urged British businesses and organizations to review their own security procedures.

COMMENT: The Foreign Office made no comment as to when regular services would be resumed. The move comes ahead of a planned visit to the Gulf nation by Prince Charles at the end of the month. A spokeswoman for his office said the palace is reviewing the security situation and taking advice from the Foreign Office. The US Embassy in Kuwait said there was no change in its operations or "security posture." Although the British government does not advise any travel restrictions for Kuwait, it does warns on its website that there is a "general threat from terrorism" there. Please refer to

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