Friday, October 28, 2011

Fourth Attack on Kenyan Targets in a Week, Two Police Seriously Injured

A suspected land mine detonated earlier today when a vehicle carrying members of Kenya's paramilitary police force (GSU) drove over it, wounding three officers, tow of them seriously. The vehicle in which the officers were traveling in was seriously damaged and burned as well. The attack is the fourth on Kenyan soil this week and comes a day after Kenyan soldiers had their first serious clash with fighters from Somalia's Islamist militant group al-Shabaab.

Reportedly, the incident occurred not far from the town of Garissa, near Modika, on the road that leads to the Dadaab refugee camp and then onto the border with Somalia. Two Spanish aid workers, both women, were also recently kidnapped near the refugee camp.

COMMENT: Kenyan forces have now been operating inside Somalia for nearly two weeks without any tangible efforts of either neutralizing al-Shabaab or rescuing three European kidnap victims being held there. While their operation continues, one Kenyan has been killed and 25 injured in four separate attacks on Kenyan targets, causing a serious public relations nightmare for the Government of Kenya, as tourism quickly plummets.

Unfortunately, like a number of other nations who have engaged in military operations inside Somalia in the past, Kenyan forces are discovering that success is ever elusive. Although al-Shabaab has repeatedly said that it was not involved in any kidnappings of foreigners, it nevertheless warned the Kenyan government of retaliation inside Kenya.

Foreign visitors are urged to avoid traveling within 100 miles of the Somalian border.

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