Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Italian Tourists Attacked Outside of Phuket Bar After Breaking a Bottle Over a Chair

Two Italian tourists were attacked at roughly 0400 hours on Monday (October 17) in Phuket (Thailand), on Patong Beach's ( after-hours walking street. One of the Italians was hit on the head with a golf club by a security guard employed by one of the bars. As a result, the owner of the bar and the security guard have been ordered to surrender themselves to Patong police.

COMMENT: The head injury sustained by the Italian was sufficient to require several stitches at a local hospital. That being said, the two Italians initiated the altercation by breaking a bottle over a chair. Nevertheless, the security guard should simply have notified the police, rather than worsening the situation by physically attacking one of the Italians. If the bar management had shown greater restraint, the only folks having trouble with the police would be the Italians.

Two Australians were stabbed in February in a case that was later described as attempted murder. Also, a German expatriate was put into a coma when a group of tuk-tuk drivers attacked him over a dispute of a 100 baht fare (US$3.25).

Phuket used to be very serene and rustic and offered tourists great diving, snorkeling, fishing, boating and adventure tourism. Unfortunately, though, the island has become much more of a "watering hole" than a getaway for water sports. It may not be long before it more closely resembles Pattaya, which is pretty much an assembly point for drunks, prostitutes, counterfeit DVDs and sexual excesses. As someone who lived in Thailand for many years, the Land of Smiles has a great deal more to offer than rowdy nightlife.

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