Sunday, October 30, 2011

Road Accident in Australia's Northern Territory Claims Life of One, Followed by Suicide of Another

Kirsty Robinson, 24, and her co-worker, the latter of whom was from France, were involved in a fatal auto accident 380 kilometers south of Katherine, in Australia's Northern Territory on October 14.

The two co-workers were on an outback adventure at Killarney Station, when the accident occurred. Alcohol and speed were not factors in the accident; however, the two were returning from Katherine with horse feed when a change in the road surface caused the vehicle to crash, killing Robinson. Moments later, Robinson's co-worker, apparently gripped by guilt and grief, wandered into the bush and hung himself.

COMMENT: When the two did not return to Killarney Station, the manager retraced their route and discovered what happened. Police investigators later theorized that the Frenchman covered Robinson after she died and then tragically hung himself.

Fortunately, Robinson spoke to her father hours before the accident and talked of her returning home to attend her sister's wedding. Kirsty's mother and father have been invited to visit Killarney Station to see where their daughter spent her final weeks.

It is regretful that the young Frenchman was not able to speak to the station manager by mobile phone, as it is just possible that the latter could have talked him away from his thoughts of ending his life. How sad it is for two families and everyone they knew to be so devastated by a sudden accident. This reminds all of us that we need to be prepared for our final day on Earth, whenever that is.

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