Thursday, October 13, 2011

Travel Alert: Qantas Faces Delays, Cancellations In Face of Walkout of Engineers

Qantas Airways is canceling and delaying dozens of flights amid another round of strikes by its engineers. Australia's flagship carrier has said that the October 12 strike (Australia time) by the Australian Licenced Aircraft Engineers Association (ALAEA) is forcing the airline to cancel 17 flights and delay 32 others. An estimated 7,600 passengers will be affected.

COMMENT: The airline has been hit by weeks of strike action by unions representing aircraft mechanics, pilots, baggage handlers and caterers over concerns that Qantas plans to move jobs offshore. Qantas said previously that it will ground five airliners for at least a month and cancel almost 100 flights a week to cope with the ongoing strikes.

Travelers flying on Qantas in coming days and weeks should contact the airline as soon as possible so as to avert delays and cancellations.

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