Saturday, October 29, 2011

Traveler's Alert: Qantas Grounds Entire Fleet at a Cost of US$20 Million a Day

Australia's Qantas Airways grounded all of its aircraft around the world indefinitely earlier today (October 29), due to ongoing strikes by its workers. The carrier's entire fleet of 108 aircraft will remain grounded until unions representing pilots, mechanics and other ground staff reach an agreement with the airline over pay and conditions, CEO Alan Joyce told a news conference in Sydney.

COMMENT: Flights already in the air when the announcement was made were to continue to their destinations; effective Monday (October 31), employees will no longer be paid.

Joyce indicated that this decision has been approved by the Qantas board of directors.
This is a significant development that will have a major impact on air travel in the Pacific and elsewhere.

Travelers holding Qantas reservations should contact the carrier by phone or electronically as soon as possible so as to change flight schedules and routing.

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