Friday, October 28, 2011

Two Dead Passengers Aboard Norwegian Cruise-ship Arrives in Boston

When the Norwegian Cruise Line vessel, the Norwegian Dawn, arrived at Boston's Black Falcon Terminal earlier today, two passengers who had died separately aboard the vessel were brought ashore. According to crew members, both of the decedents died on Thursday (October 26).

One of the passengers, a 67-year-old woman, died of a non-suspicious cause, while a 23- year-old man, is being investigated. His cause of death was unknown and his cabin was being scrutinized by crime scene investigators.

COMMENT: Increasingly, as the cruise-ship industry continues to mushroom, and as ships get larger and larger, crimes, passengers who disappear and acts of crime similarly rise. Some cruise-ship lines are very vigilant and proactive when it comes to on-board security, but many are not. In my book, STAYING SAFE ABROAD: TRAVELING, WORKING AND LIVING IN A POST-9/11 WORLD, I devote a chapter to "Cruise-ship security and safety." To order a copy of it, please visit, or order it from

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