Monday, October 24, 2011

Update: Casualties from Earthquake in Turkey Reaches 279 Killed, 1000 injured

First responders in eastern Turkey have rescued more survivors from the rubble in the aftermath of Sunday's earthquake that officials now say killed 279 people and injured more than 1,000 others. Officials say the magnitude 7.2 quake near Turkey's border with Iran did the most damage in the town of Ercis, about 90 kilometers north of the city of Van.

COMMENT: The death toll from the quake is expected to rise dramatically. Hundreds of rescuers worked through the night with heavy equipment to lift fallen slabs of concrete hoping to find survivors. The government reports that dozens of large buildings collapsed in the quake. The earthquake shut down electricity and water in several areas. More than 100 aftershocks have shaken the area since the quake hit, including one with a magnitude of 6.1.

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