Thursday, October 27, 2011

Update: Father of German Yachtsman Killed on Nuku Hiva Visits Island

As a follow-up to my last posting on this subject dated October 18 ("Update: Allegation that German Tourist was Eaten on Nuku Hiva Disputed"), Erwin Ramin, the father of the German tourist killed in Nuku Hiva, has arrived in French Polynesia in an effort to try to reconstruct what happened to his son, Stefan Ramin.

COMMENT: DNA analysis conducted by the French government has proved that the human remains found in a fire pit in Nuku Hiva are from the missing tourist, suspected to have been killed by a local guide, Henri Haiti, who is still at large. The elder Ramin has said he would like to establish a memorial on Nuku Hiva so that family can visit the place where his son died. Ramin has also urged the local community not to abandon its plans for a cultural festival because of the tragedy.

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