Saturday, October 29, 2011

Update: Turkey Calls Off Search for Survivors from Earthquake

Rescue teams in eastern Turkey who have worked around the clock since the devastating earthquake that struck on October 23, will cease their rescue efforts at nightfall this evening (October 30).

Even though temperatures have dropped in the region, the highest levels of the Turkish government have determined that barring a miracle, the hope of finding anyone else alive had run out. To date, 582 bodies have been recovered from the earthquake and 231 survivors have been rescued. Over 2,600 people were also injured during the disaster.

COMMENT: Turkey has accepted help from dozens of countries, including Israel and Armenia, both states with which it has tense relations.President Gul also criticized Turkey's construction sector, after more than 5,000 buildings collapsed across the province. Experts have said concrete mixed with too much sand taken from riverbeds had contributed to making housing units unstable during seismic events.

Admittedly, temperatures in eastern Turkey have cooled, yet I personally believe that the search for survivors was ended prematurely. We often forget just how resilient human beings are when faced with adversity when the will to live exceeds expectations. As we all know, humans who have survived as long as two weeks following natural disasters can be shielded from the elements.

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