Monday, October 17, 2011

Update/Correction: Eight Killed in Plane Crash in Botswana

As a follow-up to my earlier email today concerning the crash of a Cessna 208 in Botswana on Friday (October 14), the nationality of the pilot, who was killed in the crash, has been determined to be British. His name is Martin Gresswell, who is a former UN pilot in Somalia and the Sudan during 1998-2000.

Mr. Gresswell has been employed by Moremi Air as the airline's chief pilot and general manager of air operations since February of this year. His wife, Claire, a Botswanan national, and their daughter, Tanisha, survive him.

Correction: The total number of persons aboard the Cessna was twelve.

Two Brits (including the pilot), four Swedes and two French nationals died in the crash. Sadly, they were burned beyond recognition, so DNA analysis will be used to identify them. Only four persons survived the crash, a French couple and two Botswanan government employees.

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