Tuesday, November 22, 2011

American, 60, Killed in Motorcycle Accident in Cozumel

An American tourist, 60, died tragically on Thursday (November 17) after losing her balance while riding a motorcycle in Cozumel's north hotel zone, near the harbor. The accident occurred at roughly 2230 hours. The victim was US citizen Deborah Lee Emery, 60 years old, who was a registered nurse.

COMMENT: Most of our readers that follow my postings know fully well my concern for the frequent motorcycle and motor-bike accidents that occur weekly at tourist destinations all over the world, many of them resulting in fatalities largely because riders had no experience in riding such vehicles or had been drinking or both.

These tragedies will sadly continue until governments in such countries as Mexico, Thailand and countless other countries enact and enforce rigorous traffic regulations aimed at restricting tourists from renting such vehicles unless they have a two-wheel motorized vehicle license from abroad. As for drinking while riding, that number will simply rise due to the preponderance of bad judgment.

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