Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Briton Injured in Motorcycle Accident in Phuket, Countryman Killed Earlier in the Week

A British tourist, Pauli Fford McGannon, 30, survived a motorcycle crash in Phuket at 0310 hours on Monday (November 28) after hitting a tree in Patong. Witnesses reported that he appeared to have been drinking at the time of the accident.

Although McGannon is now recovering in the Patong Hospital, one of his countrymen, Jason Paul Richards, 40, did not fare as well, after being killed in a similar accident on Tuesday (November 22).

COMMENT: A number of British nationals visiting Phuket and other parts of Thailand have been killed or crippled this year even though the British Embassy is constantly issuing warnings about the risk of its citizens riding motorcycles without experience, while drinking alcoholic beverages and without the use of a motorcycle helmet.

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