Saturday, November 19, 2011

Apparent US Passport Holder Blows Himself Up in Pakistan

Saeed Abdul Salam, a suspected militant who blew himself up in southern Pakistan during a raid by security forces on Thursday (November 17) was reportedly carrying both US and Pakistani passports. He detonated a fragmentation grenade when troops raided his apartment in the port city of Karachi.

COMMENT: Karachi is home to around 18 million people and is the capital of Sindh province. Several al-Qaida and Taliban operatives have been captured or killed there in recent years.

Possession of a US passport does not necessarily mean that Salam was a US citizen, that would have to be confirmed by the US Department of State, and they may or may not want to confirm that.

Yet, for the benefit of our readers, al-Qaeda is known to have altered US passports and it is not beyond the reach of al-Qaeda to have one of its operatives obtain a US passport (or the passport of any nation for that matter) through a fraudulent application.

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