Friday, November 11, 2011

Belgian Woman, 55, Killed in Australian Auto Accident, Other Critically Injured

Northern Territory (NT) police report that a Belgian woman, 55, was killed and another woman, also 55, critically injured on Wednesday (November 9) after their 4WD vehicle rolled over. Two Belgian men, who accompanied the women, were not injured. The injured Belgian passenger was evacuated to Royal Adelaide Hospital by air where she remains in a critical condition.

COMMENT: According to police, neither of the women in the vehicle's back seat were wearing seat belts, which resulted in both them being thrown from the vehicle when it rolled over. Unfortunately, people who normally wear seat-belts rarely think of the process of "belting up," yet those that are not so cautious rarely use them.

It is unknown exactly what caused the vehicle to roll over, but driving in the NT is very different from roadways anywhere. With many of the main roads being unfenced, wandering stock or wildlife can create safety hazards, so it is best to avoid driving at dawn, dusk or at night to reduce the risk of striking one of these animals.

Another major road risk is the lengthy commercial trucks that may include three trailers connected together , thus requiring at least one kilometer of space to successfully pass them.

A final factor in driving in the NT is fatigue, given the large distances between cities and towns.

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