Saturday, November 26, 2011

British Woman, 79, Robbed, Killed After Resisting Purse Snatching in Manchester

Nellie Geraghty, 79, was rushed to the hospital near Manchester on Thursday (November 24) after being found unconscious in an alleyway in Oldham, after resisting a purse snatching. Tragically, Geraghty died from her injuries; her handbag also contained the ashes of her late husband.

COMMENT: Although two teenagers, 14 and 17, have been arrested, that is little consolation to the pensioner's family.

Not only did Mrs. Geraghty have her husband's ashes in her bag for some 17 years, but she additionally carried a large sum of money.

Elder citizens should be cautioned that they should carry nothing on their person that is not replaceable, given the unpredictable and increasingly violent world we live in.

Elders should also be taught that no property is worth losing your life over.

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