Friday, November 11, 2011

Canadian Tourist, 23, Shot in Chest in Southern Egypt, Dies During Surgery

Jean Francois, 23, riding in a taxi with another Canadian, was shot in the chest on Wednesday (November 9) and died on Friday (November 11) after being in surgery for hours and having part of his intestine and Pancreas removed. Francois and his friend were fired upon my rival tribes as they rode to an ancient Egyptian museum in Sohag, in southern Egypt. Reportedly, the taxi was fired upon by members of the Samatta tribe when the driver of the taxi refused to stop for them, thinking that members of the rival al-Ashraf tribe were inside the taxi. Despite the fact that Francois was evacuated quickly to a hospital in Luxor, he passed away following a number of surgeries.

COMMENT: This case underlines the importance of travelers knowing a great deal about the country they're traveling to before the fact, particularly any armed conflicts that may be underway in the areas they are destined for. This can normally be clarified by calling one's local embassy to ascertain security risks in given areas of the country. Also, the US Department of State and numerous foreign ministries all have excellent websites with information on areas to be avoided.

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