Thursday, November 24, 2011

EU Report Shows British Women, Maltese Men Topped Obesity Ratings

According to statistics released Thursday (November 24) by the EU's statistics agency, British women and Maltese men topped European obesity ratings. The data released also showed the proportion of obese adults ranging from 8% eight to 23.9% for women and 7.6% to 24.7% for men.

Though a worry for public health in Europe, the highest obesity rates are well below those in the US, where the corresponding figure was 28.8% for women and 27.6% for men in 2009, Eurostat reported.

COMMENT: The lowest obesity rates were recorded in Romania, with 8% for women and 7.6% for men, Italy, with 9.3% and 11.3%, Bulgaria, at 11.3% and 11.6% and France at 12.7% for women and 11.7% for men.

Highest proportions for women were in Britain, with 23.9%, Malta with 21.1%, Latvia with 20.9% and Estonia at 20.5%.

While men in the former British colony of Malta topped the chart at 24.7%, they were closely followed by Britain at 22.1%, Hungary with 21.4% and the Czech Republic at 18.4%.

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