Tuesday, November 15, 2011

French Tourist Killed in Motorcycle Accident in Phuket

Pending notification of next of kin, a French tourist was killed when his motorcycle ran off a road in southern Phuket early today (November 15), killing him instantly when the bike hit a wall.

COMMENT: Our readers are very well aware of my concern for under-regulated and poorly enforced motorcycle traffic by foreign riders in Thailand, but particularly in Phuket, where tourist density is reaching critical mass because of the massive flooding in the flooded north of the country.

Until such time as the Thai tourism industry enhances road infrastructure, requires that foreign motorcycle/motor-scooter have a valid license for such vehicles from abroad and better enforces traffic laws pertaining to ALL vehicles in Phuket, I strongly discourage foreign tourists from renting two-wheeled motorized vehicles on the island.

Please keep in mind that rental cars are available on the island; for safety sake, they should be used if foreign visitors do not have an active two-wheel motorized vehicle license from abroad.

The case of the French tourist killed above will be updated as information becomes available.

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