Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Global Entry Program Opened to Mexicans

The US government announced yesterday (November 15) that it is opening to Mexican citizens the trusted traveler program known as Global Entry (, which operates via automated kiosks at selected international airports.

The program, already in operation in Canada and the Netherlands, allows frequent travelers to the US to enter the country in much less time than other nationalities. Other nations will also be added in the months ahead.

Global Entry kiosks currently exist in 20 US airports, but in 2012 several more are expected to be installed in Mexico City and in the Mexican resort area of Los Cabos.

COMMENT: To be able to sign up for the program, an application must be filled out and filed over the Internet at along with payment of a non-refundable US$100 fee. Applicants must have no criminal record. When an application is approved, the interested party will be interviewed by CBP personnel, who will decide whether he or she will be accepted.

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