Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ipsos Survey Reveals 90% of Americans Want Focus on Domestic Solutions

According to an Ipsos survey of 18,682 adults in 24 countries, nine out of 10 Americans want domestic economic solutions rather than global, whereas outside the US, eight out of ten respondents wanted to see domestic solutions to their economic woes. The survey results were released on Friday (November 18).

"Most people want their nations to be engaged citizens of the world, but economic pressures prompt people to look inward," said Peter Van Praagh, head of the Halifax International Security Forum, which commissioned the poll.

COMMENT: Economics aside, nearly 80% of all respondents support their governments in their efforts to help countries struck by natural disasters, nurture democracy or punish countries behaving badly by levying sanctions.

Also, 63% of all respondents said they wished for their respective countries to be "a moral leader in the world."

Asked which nation was most likely to have a positive influence in the world, the United States' closest ally and neighbor Canada came out on top -- due to its burgeoning economic confidence.

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