Monday, November 28, 2011

Italian Physician, Croatian Nun Murdered in Burundi

Armed bandits shot and killed a Croatian nun and an Italian doctor at a psychiatric clinic in northern Burundi [Kiremba] on Sunday (November 27), the first such attack on aid workers since 2007.

The bandits first cut off electrical power in the sisters' compound, then demanded money from the nun. Subsequently, they shot and killed her. The assailants then kidnapped the Italian doctor and later killed him.

COMMENT: According to the Italian Foreign Ministry, another Italian nun was also seriously injured by gunfire in the attack, although she has been stabilized in a local hospital.

After relative peace since 2009, and after two decades of war since a Hutu rebel group, Forces for National Liberation, laid down its weapons and joined the government, armed attacks on both civilians and the military have intensified since elections last year that were widely boycotted by the opposition.

Aid workers operating in developing countries continue to be one of the most widely victimized occupational grouping, often with ineffective or non-existent security protection provided by either their employers or the host government in the country in which they are operating.

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