Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ivory Coast Con-man Gets 20 Years for Raping Russian Tourist in NYC

As a follow-up on my October 21 posting, "Con-man Charged in Rape of Russian Woman in NYC," I'm happy to report that Hugues Akassy, 43, who was born in the Ivory Coast, was sentenced to 20 years in prison on November 17, in the Riverside Park rape of a Russian tourist.

Akassy, a smooth-taking homeless confidence man who masqueraded as a French journalist and victimized perhaps as many as ten women in Manhattan, told Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Jill Konvisor that he was just a misunderstood romantic. Yet, Konvisor told Akassy that he was a sexual predator and summarily sentenced him to 20 years, where he may well become a victim himself.

COMMENT: As I have mentioned in previous postings, tourists should be exceptionally cautious as to who they engage in romantic meetings and interludes with, as the world is full of deceptive criminals who prey on tourists.

Anyone who seems unnaturally overly friendly and persistent is someone to be cautious about. In today's electronic world, it is relatively easy to vet or conduct a criminal history check on suspicious people you have just met, particularly in the US.

Of course, the lingering question is: Why is this man still in the US? Why should the City of New York pay for his subsistence for the next 20 years?

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