Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kuwaiti Couple Loses Control of Motorcycle in Phuket, Wife is Killed

A Kuwaiti woman riding tandem on a motorcycle behind her husband was killed instantly at roughly 2030 hours today (November 13) when the couple's bike was hit by a Phuket [Thailand] tour bus in the popular beach district of Karon.

The couple was bound for Patong when their motorcycle wavered sharply to avoid a parked motorcycle, resulting in the bus clipping the back of the motorcycle, causing the wife to fall from the bike and into the path of the bus, which was right behind them. Even though she was wearing a motorcycle helmet, it offered no protection to the weight and speed of the massive bus.

COMMENT: Although the woman's husband was not injured, this accident, like so many that I regularly report on pertaining to the roadway dangers in Phuket, is a chilling reminder of the risk of riding two-wheeled motorized vehicles in over-crowded, under-regulated Phuket, which has too many people operating on its poorly-maintained roads.

Although motor scooters and motorcycles are fun to ride, my personal advice is that they be avoided until the Thai government makes road safely on the island a priority.

Even though rental cars are a bit more expensive, they are much, much safer and give you a fighting change if you are involved in an accident. In the last couple of months, I have sadly reported on at least ten fatalities on Phuket's perilous roadways.

As evidence about my comment on the virtual lack of traffic enforcement on Phuket, the parked motorcycle that the couple swerved to avoid had been parked in a NO-STANDING ZONE for several days.

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