Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Polish Kayakers Rescued in Colombia's Caqueta Province

Two Polish kayakers can thank the Colombian Air Force for rescuing them on Sunday (November 13) after their tandem kayak capsized on an isolated isolated stretch of the Yari, the river that the foreigners set out to kayak on last week near Florencia, the capital of Caqueta province. The identities of the two kayakers were Thomas Jefrys and Macies Taracin.

COMMENT: Although Caqueta province is not a great place to do anything, considering the risk of ransom kidnapping to foreigners, the two kayakers were equipped with a satellite telephone, which enabled them to call a friend in Germany who reported their situation to Colombian authorities. The rescuers discovered one of the men along the bank of the Yari and the other clinging to the kayak in the middle of the river.

Although this case ended reasonably well, what if they had not had the phone? I continue to be puzzled as to why foreign travelers seek out the most remote places they can find to "recreate" in, without having a fully-though-out back-up plan. What if one of them had been seriously injured or killed?

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