Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bahamas: Savannah Resident, 45, Swept Out to Sea After Taking Photos in a Restricted Area

According to an AP report, Bahamian police are requesting the public's help in locating Mark E. Mercer, 45, of Savannah, GA, who reportedly was was swept into the Atlantic Ocean a week ago after disappearing while taking photographs in a restricted coastal area in Winding Bay when the high surf washed him out to sea.

COMMENT: Mercer reportedly was swept out to sea at roughly 1805 hours on November 7, at Winding Bay Club, Marsh Harbor, Abaco. According to police, the victim was taking photographs in a restricted area at Winding Bay Club, when he was swept into the ocean by heavy surf. The US Coast Guard along with their six fixed-wing aircraft made checks of the area for the missing American without success.

Unfortunately, there are good reasons why local authorities in the Bahamas place restrictions in high-risk areas, largely because experience has demonstrated that people get swept out to sea in dangerous surf. For Mercer, he obviously knew better and paid the price with his life. He also caused first responders to risk their own lives because his arrogance. What was he thinking?