Monday, November 14, 2011

Tourists Robbed at Gunpoint in Guam, Suspect Arrested, Charged

Castro Tedtaotao Jr., 33, a resident of Guam, was arrested last week on charges of armed robbery, assault and use of a firearm, and has admitted to police he was high on methamphetamine when he robbed three tourists at the Asan Beach Unit of the War in the Pacific National Historical Park.

Tedtaotao reportedly offered to take a photo of the three tourists, but after giving Tedtatao a camera with which to take the photo, the suspect allegedly pulled out an pistol and demanded their money and valuables. Subsequently, the tourists handed over their cash, credit cards and passports.

COMMENT: Tedtaotao's explanation for the robbery was because he had lost a substantial amount of family money while gambling. Tedtaotao is being held on $25,000 cash bail, and charged with three counts of second-degree robbery with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor assault.

Unfortunately for the tourists, Tedtaotao was apparently an untrained gun owner because he did not realize that a round was already in the chamber of the semi-automatic pistol. Hence, he inadvertently pulled the slide back on his pistol, causing one of the cartridges to eject. When this happened, not knowing what to do, Tedtaotao allegedly hit one of the tourists with the handgun.

Following the robbery, Tedtaotao fled into the jungle at the park's edge, but he was later apprehended by police and identified by all three tourists.

It should be noted that the three tourists were correct in complying with Tedtaotao's demands, not knowing that the suspect had no idea how the firearm worked.

This case is also a reminder to all travelers that a crime can happen at any time while traveling abroad, which is why it it important to have a photocopy of one's passport and a record of all credit card numbers and how to report them as stolen. When confronted by an armed criminal, it is always best to give them what they want, as no property is worth your life.

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