Sunday, November 6, 2011

Traveler's Alert: Flooding Death Toll Reaches 506, Disruptions in Bangkok

The death toll from Thailand's worst flooding in half a century reached 506 earlier today (November 6) as flood-waters converge on Bangkok's central district. Thus far, residents in 11 of Bangkok's 50 districts have been ordered to evacuate.

COMMENT: Nationwide, the flooding, now in its third month, has affected 25 of Thailand's 64 provinces. Bangkok's central business district is dry for the moment, but other parts of the capital are facing knee-deep water.

My advice for in-bound travelers is to assess where you need to go in Thailand, check some of the flood-status websites I've offered recently and make your decision to travel from currently available information. If travel can be deferred by a few weeks, that would be a prudent decision, as flooded areas are going to continue for a number of weeks before standing water recedes.

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